TriState Adaptive Sports Association -TASA is a non profit organization that provides world class adaptive sports to all people with physical barriers. Studies have proven time and time again, people that lead active lifestyles are healthier mentally and physically. Our program will provide the following sports.

Archery – Our intention this year is to seek additional certified training for our instructors and participants. We will work closely with local agencies to find members and friends interested in joining our team. We plan to host and train new members in the sport, at least four times per year. We will assist those who wish to participate at a higher level by joining National Blind Archery and other sighted groups that can provide the training.

Bowling – Bowling has been one of our most popular events. We have developed relationships with other professional groups to strengthen the skills of our members. We will provide local competitions and assist members interested in perfecting their skills.

Cycling – Our intention is to continue growth of our tandem cycling program. We plan to offer at least two local riding events to assist our members in developing their skills. We will also continue to compete in national events. The Naval Support Unit 10 Nautical Mile Race will remain high on our list.

Goal Ball – Goal ball is an excellent sport for teaching individuals with visual impairments the skills of communication, accessibility and orientation and mobility. Our long-term goals include hosting a local, state and national training camp. We will continue to work with the United State Association Blind Athletes, Challenge Athletes Foundation to develop a local team in the tristate area.

Adventure Sports – On demand, we will provide what we are calling adventure sports. These sports offer great team-building opportunities. Our intention is to continue building relationships with local schools, community centers and other agencies to get this community out and playing again. Some of the sports that we will offer are listed below:

  Beep Baseball- Beep baseball is an adaptive sport played using a beeping ball so the that players can          hear the ball. There are 7 players on each team. On the field of play to beeping bases are used. The          pitcher that is neutral pitches the ball to batter, upon hitting the ball successfully the referee chooses          which base in which the player is to run. If the defensive team retrieves the and places it above his/hers     above the head, then the player is called out. If the player gets to the beeping base before the ball is             placed above the defensive team, then one score is made. The offensive teams do not run around the           bases. Whether the play scores or is called out then the player return to the home plate. 

  Beep Kick Ball- Beep Kick Ball is played similar to bee baseball using the same rules, the only difference   is the players kick the beeping ball.

  Corn Hole-Corn Hole using a two-foot raised rectangle box, the has a hole near the top of the box. Team    members will toss a bag similar to a beanbag. Any bag that lands on the top of the box scores one point     and the player that throws the bag directly into the hole receives three points. Each team attempts to         discard the opponent's bag by knocking their bag off the surface. The first team to 14 points is declared    the winner. 

  Bocci-Bocci is a sports using soft or hard wooden ball. It can be played indoors and outdoors. At the          start of game, the official will allow the teams to be chosen. The starting team will throw what is called      the Jack Ball onto the court. Each team will attempt to pitch their balls closer to the Jack Ball. The           opposite team will try to move their opponent ball. The closest ball will receive one point. The first team   to get eleven points will be the winner.